The Amalfi Coast

Excursion to the Amalfi Coast

This trip is the best way to discover the Amalfi Coast and its pearls Positano, Amalfi and Ravello among the most striking and characteristic of Campania.

Positano one of the most spectacular tourist destination and famous in Italy for the local fashion, clothing in distinctive fabrics and original designs sold in its typical shops.

The village can be visited on foot to appreciate the beauty of its narrow streets and small houses, and stairs carved into the rock. Amalfi one of the four Maritime Republics home of Flavio Gioia, the inventor of the compass. At the heart of Amalfi lies the majestic Cathedral of the ninth century.

With the famous and impressive facade, decorated with gold mosaics, from Amalfi is easy to reach another beautiful and popular tourist destination, Ravello, with its villas "Rufolo "And" Cimbrone “ all immersed in unspoiled natural beauty and famous throughout the world, making thistour a unique experience.